Perseverance (and Love)

I just got an email from a friend  who is a really good man. He just wanted to share a bit of joy with me that he experienced this week: An orchid that he’s had for over a year without any sign that it was ever going to bloom has started to show a little bud, and, at the same time, a poinsettia he’s had since Christmas 2011 is starting to bloom after over a year as well. My friend is very humble, so, again, he just sent the pictures to share the joy, but I see so much more in the beauty of these delicate flowers: his patience, his love, his care, and his perseverance. He didn’t give up on these plants, plants that I would have long thrown out as they had served their “purpose,” as they were useless as decoration or seasonal accessory. My friend saw these plants are something in his care, and he took that role seriously. Nature rewarded him for it, beautifully . . .




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