1. As this is my first visit to your blog, after having a look around, I have to say that the layout is different but it works nicely for me. There is a lot more ‘stream of consciousness’ here than I’ve seen in a while. It’s nice not know what’s going to posted next. I’m be following this for the rest of the semester.

    This post is quite interesting and I don’t think I’ve seen JQA quoted on this point before. Nice work on this and the image is appropriate.

  2. Like a painting is named… this photography is aptly named. It gave me a moment of pause and reflection to see the connections and then to feel encouraged by it. Thank you!

  3. A picture says a thousand words. What a great image of that little plant growing out of that wall. What symbolism we can write into this. I love this site and was surprised that I did visit it before. My only suggestion is to think about changing the background color of the page. White is a color killer and the strength of your images lies in the richness of their color.

  4. Three memorable experiences illustrating the determination and perseverance of plants remain with me to this day. unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture the images on film as you have here. The first was during one my wanderings as a child in a heavy industrial area of Cleveland. It’s hard for me today to imagine a child of my age at that time, about seven or eight freely roaming the inner city today. What I saw breaking through a heavily paved walkway of asphalt were tender young shoots of milkweed plants. I was and still am amazed. Another similar occurrence was in a very different location and many years later at the Japanese Gardens of the University of Pennsylvania, hidden and far outside of Philadelphia where the university is located.
    This occurrence was actually just on the other side of a fence which separates the gardens from the highway adjacent to it. Like the milkweed, bursting through the roadway itself were small stalks of bamboo whose rhizomes must have found their way under the fence in their relentless search for new territory.
    The most memorable piece of flora was seen while climbing up the western side of peak adjacent to Lake Tahoe to get a view of the Lake from the top. Here much of the mountainside was covered in many acres of a small aggregate like gravel. It was a difficult climb as with every step I sank to above my ankles in this skewed ocean of gray particles sliding back down with every other step. Suddenly appearing right at eye level, a lone sentinel on this apparently sterile barren mountainside was a small miracle of life. A seed had somehow had managed to take root in this immensity of soilless crushed rock. This tiny lilac colored wildflower a unique specimen heretofore unseen and unknown to me had suddenly made its appearance. A monument to the persistence of life.

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