Clover – Joy!

Today I was in a really bad mood–I mean, REALLY. The kind when you’re mad at everybody for everything. SCREAMING mad. (Felt like I was played for a fool by a client, but I won’t get into that here, wouldn’t be cool . . .). Anyway, what typically works if I can get my duff in gear is to get outside, hike, walk, whatever. Well, today, I went for a bike ride through the vineyards with my husband instead to blow off steam. There was still plenty there, believe me, and when he wanted to stop to take a picture for his blog, I just about blew my top. SH*&. Don’t wanna stop. Hrrrrrrrr. Mpfhhhhh.  Grrrrrr. Reluctantly put my bike down in the grass by the side of the road and looked up . . . and here is the picture that unfolded before my eyes:


cloverjoyedThe lush green grass and the shade of the olive trees beckoned me to come sit. I sat and leaned against the first tree in the row and took a deep breath, inhaling the goodness of the earth, the smell of clean dirt after a misty rain, the new growth of spring. Ahhhhhhhh. Everything was so gentle, so good, so real.

I’m better now. Thank you, Mother Earth, for holding me so tenderly in your arms and reassuring me in gentle whisper that yes, all is as it is meant to be.


  1. Ahh Thank You I have really been stressed by life lately…. Just reading your post had a calming effect and a reminder that things will get better…..Yo Bliss

  2. We all have those days, sometimes it seems like they drag on forever and that mood really takes hold. But I agree, removing yourself from the environment that “created” those feelings really makes you step outside of yourself and relaxes your body and mind. Nature…there is really nothing else like it! Music helps too, but the scents and sounds of nature are the best medicine by far!

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