Peachy Drive-By

Peach blossum on the hillToday we went for drive in the country, like people used to do in the “olden days,” and everywhere we looked, there were beautifully radiant blossoms on trees–spring is near!

I took a few photos, and this one to the right is of what appeared to be a peach tree (I looked at peach blossoms in google images, and that how I think I know . . .). Because it was a little blurry, I chose the “rough pastels” filter out of all of the artistic filters in Photoshop to get a look that I liked. It actually feels wrong to mess with nature, as the blossoms are so perfect, but I’m not “messing with nature,” I’m just playing, inspired by the great beauty of today. Thank you, Mother Nature, for your gift.



  1. I enjoyed your comment about taking an old fashioned drive in the country. I was just talking to my daughter about how my mother used to take “old fashioned visits” to the neighbors’ homes. We lived in the country and, as a kid, I would ride in the car with her as she made the rounds to each of the neighbors homes for a neighborly chat.

    Thanks for your reminding us how nice it is to do the simple things and how wonderful it is to appreciate the beauty of nature.

  2. I saw the word “Peachy” which is my bird’s name and was intrigued. I love the time of the year when all the fruit trees are in bloom. They are so beautiful. My nectarine tree had lots of blossoms this year and it was such a pleasure to look at and appreciate nature. The effects you used on the image are great! Thanks for an inspirational blog.

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