A Logo

Well, since I call myself a designer and I’m talking a lot about what I feel and not what I do, I thought today I’d post one of my new logo designs.

I was hired by a local non-profit organization called “Friends of Pioneer Park” here in Calistoga to design a logo for their new organization. They formed to raise funds and do some of the work necessary to refurbish the old gazebo that is in our town’s park.

Below is a picture of the gazebo as well as of the preliminary design I just submitted to my client.


The gazebo in Calistoga’s Pioneer Park

The gazebo has an intricate metal Victorian-era scroll at the top which immediately caught my eye and mezmerized my thoughts around this logo. And, voila, here it is:




  1. This looks great. I feel the image and the font really capture the romantic feel of the gazebo, and I assume of the park. I will admit I clicked on your blog because I wanted to read more about the graphic design business from a designer. I am really curious about the day to day of it and also what kind of clients you work with locally and how you get inspiration. But I did enjoy your other posts about nature and taking time to appreciate her and thank her for all she provides. Imagine if more of us did that daily… Looking forward to more. cs5711

  2. Very nice logo! If they haven’t already accepted it, I definitely think that they will based on your description of the gazebo and purpose. Like Barbara said, I like how you dot the “i” with the “f”. Nice use of script font too.

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