Looking for a Gift

Hmmh. Introspection time again. Fessing up time, to be more correct. Today I actually was stupid enough to go looking for the gift of inspiration. STUPID. I was up on a mountain, Mt. Tam to be specific, and gazed over the panorama unfolding in front of me. “Oh, this would be a great shot for my ‘inspiration’ blog,” I thought to myself. Here it is:


Nice, huh? Yeah. And then I thought–WITHOUT FEELING–“now I’ll go looking for a little green leaf and take a picture, and then I have something brilliant to write into my blog, such as ‘the gift of inspiration can come in many sizes, large and small . . .’ and there’s my super-duper blog entry.”

Didn’t find the leaf though, felt rushed, expected something to just pop out at me, got a little stressed because we were on a time limit . . . bla, bla, bla. Corny is not inspiration. Pre-meditation, planning for inspiration–Does not work. Ridiculous.

Where is my authenticity? Inspiration is a gift. One that is freely given when one is PRESENT enough, authentic enough, at peace enough, to receive it. Going and looking for it–not gonna work. Not even for an assignment, much less a grade.



  1. I love your narrative on this post. It’s honest, sincere and funny. Your pictures are sweet and we have similar interests – enjoying beautiful things…and photographing them. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. I always find I get the most inspiration/creativity when I’m driving alone in my car listening to music. I think its being trapped alone in the small spaces gets my creative and inspired juices flowing. But I definitely agree that inspiration cannot be forced, it happens when it happens.
    Harper Sassaman

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