Moving Home

Today I moved my office from a professional building downtown back home, into one of the bedrooms left behind by our youngest, who is now a junior in college. She is the one who has held on to every little piece of paper that reminded her of something she had done and who hasn’t changed anything in her room since she moved off to college, so I was REALLY suprised when I asked her if she would mind if I set up a computer in her room. “No, Momma, make it your room, move your whole office in there, you deserve it!” was her response. WOW! Moving my office home, where I could work in my PJs if I wanted, have three little fat sausage dogs snoring at my feet, have lunch with my husband . . . oh, my heart be still!! So today, we did it. Moved all the furniture home, except for the conference table (anyone want to buy it–I’ll post pictures and a link to craigslist this week!). I am happy. Happy about moving home, happy about my daughter’s loving response and support, happy to be where I am.



  1. This is such a great post, it reminds me of home and all the warm love and comfort that all reminds me of my loving home back in South-Africa. I hope you are enjoying your office at home and spending time with your doggies and husband! It’s the small things in life that sometimes means the most right…?:)

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