Sometimes I sit at the computer and think to myself, “What the hell . . . you think you’re a designer? Yeah, right.” I turn the graphic this way and that, add the drop shadow, change the color, proportions, nothing–.

I get tense. I don’t take deep breaths. I try to force it. WRONG! Doesn’t work. Never did, never will.

Inspiration is a gift. A true gift. And a gift that I can only receive if I don’t look for it. If I am open. Breathing. Feeling.

I am an introvert. Opening up via this blog to share some of the gifts of inspiration I may be receiving, if I’m so lucky, in the next few months of this class, feels a bit risky to me. I am a little afraid, but I don’t know of what. We shall see how it goes.


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  1. Well one day or another we all feel this way. I especially feel like this when I start a painting. What theme I am going to choose what colors I need to make it right, etc. I as well find this class a little risky, so hang in there and don’t worry.

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